The architect (HTL) Fredi Linder began his career at Suter + Suter before working at Preiswerk/Batigroup. After several years leading the real estate department he decided in 1999 to found his own real estate company. The reasons for this decision were his wish for more independence and self-determination. In the following year he founded Linder Immobilien Promotion (LIP).

After several successful projects, the company was converted into a GmbH in 2006.

Four busy years later Fredi’s oldest son David joined the company. His talents in the fields of IT- and graphic design were of great benefit for the still rather young company. Many exciting projects were realized over the following years and many challenges were met. Linder Immobilien Promotion managed to establish itself very successfully in Riehen as well as on the real estate market. The company especially made a name for itself through their great know-how and their capability for creative problem solving.

In 2017 Matthias Linder, Fredi’s second son as well as his son-in-law Sebastian Schwarze joined the company as well. Matthias’ distinctive talent in sales and Sebastian’s skills in regards to organization and coordination were crucial for the success of the company in the following years

The story continues and we’re looking forward to the next chapter in the story of our company!