Wood is a renewable building material and therefore very eco-friendly and sustainable.
This isn’t however the only reason though why wood is becoming more and more popular in the construction industry. For one thing, the construction time of a timber building is significantly shorter than that of a classic solid construction. This is because many elements can already be prefabricated in the timber builder's workshop; depending on the construction method, even the pipes are already laid within the walls. The individual elements are then delivered to the construction site and assembled there in just a few days. Unlike concrete, the wooden elements do not have to dry first and thus the shell construction is often completed in a very short time, which of course also saves costs.

Moreover, wood not only looks nice, but also provides a pleasant and warm atmosphere inside of a room and has a positive influence on the indoor climate. Wood has the ability to absorb, store and release moisture. This prevents both too dry air in summer and the formation of mould in autumn and winter. In addition to water, wood also stores heat, which is released again when the temperature drops. Thus, wood buildings usually have a more pleasant climate than solid concrete buildings.

However, wood is only a sustainable building material if the trees that are felled and processed for construction are replaced by new ones. We estimate the amount of wood we use for our projects and replant the amount right away.
There are a number of organizations dedicated to reforestation. We have chosen to work with One Tree Planted, a global NGO that has already planted over 10 million trees since its inception in 2014 (as of Dec 2020). On the right you will find documents and videos about interesting timber construction projects in Switzerland, about One Tree Planted as well as articles about the topic of forests and reforestation.