Inzlingerstrasse 319, Riehen

Property Development, 5 semi-detached single-family houses

At Inzlingerstrasse 319, 5 semi-detached single-family houses (ten residential units) are being built. The beautiful property has a ground area of 1908 m2 and borders on the green zone in the north and 200 meters further north the forest begins.

This property is located directly at the border to Inzlingen on a south-facing slope and impresses in particular with its unobstructable view. Five double single-family houses with 4.5 - 6.5 rooms were built. In this project special attention was paid to use ecological construction methods, i.e. the houses are heated with geothermal energy and have a solid wood facade. The generous extensions on the ground floor made it possible to build very spacious living rooms on the ground floor and beautiful terraces on the first floor. Due to the condensed building we could offer the houses at a very good price.

The houses are currently still under construction and should be ready for occupancy in spring 2021.


Architecture: ansgar staudt architekten sia gmbh
Investor: Mefrimo AG

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Linder Matthias

Executive Management, Sales

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